How it all began

Programming has always been a passion of mine and I started developing my skillset from a very young age. It wasn’t long after writing my first debug log that I knew code would become a part of my life in a big way. I set out on a path of exploration which would lead me to where I am today.

It all started with Flash, where I would spend countless hours wrestling ActionScript to develop simple games and apps that I thought might be successful. Of course, none of them were, in fact, very few of them were ever released, but they did serve as a sandbox for me to learn more about development. 

As the years passed I found myself more involved in web development, developing simple web applications to solve problems local businesses had in their day to day operations. I would also go on to building computers for those same businesses, and then setting up internal staff management tools and internal servers.

Although these were all things I enjoyed doing, I found myself frequently looking for visual outlets as well. I went on to study Professional Photography and Motion Arts. This allowed me to also begin a freelance design agency which has since changed hands as I knew my real passion was programming.

Many years later I was developing a simple point of sale for a local business and I realized that it was time to dive deeper into programming. I ended up studying Java and PHP formally, and would later go on to study Machine Learning, while self-educating myself in other languages during the next few years.

Skip ahead to today, I am a lead developer at CodeCabin, and work with amazing people on a daily basis creating innovative software solutions for various markets. I oversee training, team onboarding, project management and production on a daily basis. Working alongside Nick Duncan we have set out on an incredible journey to create software solutions which make life easier for business owners and individuals alike.

In my private capacity I develop assets for the Unity engine which can be found on the Asset Store, with the aim of making it easier for game developers to reach their project goals more effectively with reusable tools. In the future I hope to expand to other game engines and perhaps release a few web applications as well.

In addition, I am currently working on a few small indie games, while also exploring my passion for making music, design and art.


I hope that my journey, as documented here might inspire other people to pursue their passions, anything is possible!