Who is this? šŸ¤–

I am a lead developer atĀ CodeCabin, an innovative software development company that strives to develop world class software solutions. Working alongsideĀ Nick Duncan, we have set out on an incredible journey of creating software which develop and change rapidly based on the needs of the market, while also growing and marketing themselves in an effective way.Ā 

I was given an opportunity and I like to think I have made the most of it over the years, starting as an intern and working my way up to a senior capacity where I lead projects, manage teams, oversee training of new team members and assist with daily operations.

In my private capacity I have taken this same innovation to other spaces such as developing tools for the Unity engine with the aim of making it easier for developers to complete their projects. These tools are developed and released on theĀ Unity Asset Store, and I hope to expand to other engines in the future.

Additionally I have a passion for creating games, with a few indie titles in development at the moment, while also exploring my passion for art and music.

It is my hope that this website may be some inspiration to people to pursue their dreams. Read more aboutĀ how it all began!


Take a look at some of the software my team and I are working on over at CodeCabin. WordPress plugins, themes, and web applications!

Unity Assets

Need something for your Unity project? Take a look at some of my latest Unity assets!