Simple Physics Toolkit

Magnet, Water, Wind, Rope, Projectiles and more!

A comprehensive set of simple physics manipulation scripts, allowing you to setup various physics systems within a few clicks.

Simply drag these scripts into your scene to begin crafting your in-game physics with Unity. Simple editor panels make it easy to adjust scripts to your preference. Unity Events allow you to control behavior at runtime with your own scripts!

Simple Airplane Physics Toolkit

Lift, Drag, Thrust - Flight Simulation

The Simple Airplane Physics Toolkit allows you to easily setup a basic airplane with most of the real-world forces responsible for making planes fly!

Lift, Drag, Gravity, and Thrust! All fundamental in the wonders of flight! This system will take care of all of that for you. It also includes things like drag from flaps, angle of attack, banking, fuel tanks, and dynamic physics which are applied to the overall mass of the plane!

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Simple Planet Generator

Procedural Planets in Unity!

Simple Planet Generator which uses simplex/perlin noise to create unique planets while allowing you to control all aspects of the algorithm.

The system also includes control over planet water sphere, a custom atmosphere shader, and has basic planet gravity in place.

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